Positive wave  🌊 . . .

Every day I wake up with lot of mess-up in my mind🙇, but I used to fight with them with lot of  courage and bravery like rock on the edge of river. “New day with new way to fulfill your dreams” seems to very nice to hear but really it works? Why life is so complicated in every second, why she wishes to fight with every snags? Why always me? why so much hurdles for triumphing every so called success for existence? Why my life is not so easy, luxurious, full of success, love, freedom like others? I always think of all these stuff and end with only one conclusion “May be this is my life, I have to face it in my way”. But it is really possible to me to fight like Spartan or there will be so called happy ending? “To be or not to be, is the giant question” but I definitely come out of all these crucial situations by saying to problems “ just Go to Hell” 😏and flushing them out of my way. And open my wings to welcome my life by saying “Ae zindgi gale lagale, hamne bhi tere har ek ghum ko galese lagaya hai, hai  na !😊

Be happy always because life always gives you options…..


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