Phyto-medicines are believed to have benefits over conventional drugs and are regaining interest in current pharmaceutical research. The research on M. oleifera is yet to gain importance in India. It is essential that the nutrients of this wonder tree are exploited for a diversity of purposes.  Moringa oleifera is a multi-purpose plant used a human food,neutraceutical and alternative for medicinal purpose worldwide. It is sometimes called a “Miracle Tree” because of all its parts are used for nutritional, pharmacological properties. It is  good source of protein, vitamins, oils, fatty acids, micro/macro minerals elements and various phenolic compounds. It is also reported as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer, cardiovascular, hepato-protective, anti-ulcer, diuretic, antiurolithiatic, and antihelmintic. Moringa oleifera plant is the mostinexpensive and credible alternative to not only providing good nutrition, but also the cure and prevention of a lot of diseases as discused. Patent study and clinical studies with human subjects should be taken to investigate: nutrient bio-availability , bio-toxicity, immuno-modulatory effect in HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted infections .This provide momentary outline about medicinal , nutritional potential regarding vitamins , minerals, electrolytes of Moringa and patent landscape of Moringa oleifera plant regarding anti-adipogenic , lipolytic compositions, dietary supplement formulation, production method for lozenges, preparation of bionanoparticles for human epidermoid carcinoma cells, Herbal composition for treatment of immuno-compromised conditions,formulation of nutraceutical beverage,herbal formulation for the treatment squamous cell carcinomas, tumours and other metastatic states.


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